Evie Young Lark

Deep red earth spans around Lark as far as the eye can see before a solemn tree stands grandly looking over the lands. Her earthen connection is deep as Lark becomes spell-bound by the beauty of the r

As the whispers of the wind soar around her so too does her fine tulle and textured tiers adding extra movement and simple detail to a minimalist design. It’s the finer gather details which make Lark irreplaceable. Her Aline silhouette falls whimsically over the hipline, looking chic on any bride no matter her size or shape. Lark’s rounded bodice plunges into a multidirectional pleated tulle which both softens the bodice and defines the waist. Keeping with her soft and simplistic style, narrow straps of twisted tulle extend over the shoulder and dip into a V back with sheer tulle. As she turns, Lark's earthen magic glows matching the intensity of the desert’s evening sun. Layers of tulle flutter and float into a lust-worthy train as she turns to take in the sunset.

Available in Antique (as shown), Ivory & White.